The accidental football fanatic

Like most people I’ve always supported the football club of my birthplace — Norwich City in my case. But as the new soccer season gets into full swing I’ve suddenly become aware that I care deeply about the fortunes of a number of other clubs too. Halifax Town, Bradford Park Avenue and Llandudno FCs are also on my radar these days.

But truth be told it’s not that I’ve developed an overnight obsession with the beautiful game.

The reason I care how these clubs are faring is because my companies have sponsored all of them in recent times.

And the reason we sponsored them was because their home grounds and one of our hotel investments are in the same town or city — and I believe strongly in putting something back into the communities where we do business.

Llandudno — home to our four star Llandudno Bay Hotel; Bradford — where students will be a world away from grotty digs in our super-slick Dye Works accommodation; and Halifax, to one of our most recent acquisitions The Old Mill.

I’ve taken personal pleasure in the much-needed sponsorship we given these clubs.

I’m also especially proud of the support we’ve given to the Leeds United Grass Roots Scheme, sponsoring 2,500 seats in this fantastic initiative which allows local soccer clubs, schools and youth organisations to enjoy cut-price tickets for matches at Elland Road.

There’s only one difficulty in sponsoring these football clubs — keeping tabs on all the teams as they progress through the coming season! But in truth it’s a ‘burden’ I’m more than happy to bear.