Five Strategies for Making Your Career Resolutions Stick in 2018

When the start of a new year rolls around, most of us tend to reflect on the past 12 months and think about some changes we’d like to make going forward.

While this typically involves commitments to being healthier and getting in shape following to battle the post-Christmas bulge, a lot of us fall off inevitably fall off the wagon just a few weeks in.

So if you’re tired of setting yourself the same unrealistic resolutions, look to putting your career at the forefront this year and follow these simple strategies that will help your goals to actually stick.

Give yourself a focus

Being vague about what you want to achieve can be part of the reason why resolutions so often fail. Be clear and specific when setting targets, then you can put in place a definitive strategy to ensure you stay focused and on track to reaching your goal.

Find something you care about

If your heart isn’t really in something, the chances are you’ll lose interest pretty quickly, so identify something you are really passionate about and put all your energy into it. This might be a particular area of work you want to pursue further, it could be a desire to take on a new challenge, or you might be keen to push yourself at work by training to enhance your skills.

Whatever goal you have in mind, make sure it’s something you really care about and are willing to dedicate time to.

Enlist support

While we might all thrive on personal accomplishment, more often than not we will have had a lot of help along the way to these achievements. Making changes on your own can be difficult, so don’t make it harder than it needs to be – enlist some support to keep you motivated.

Turn to a friend or colleague to help you out, or make use of digital tools (such as calendar reminders) to keep you accountable and remind you to do the things you said you wanted to do.

Break it down

Often the biggest hurdle when making resolutions is actually getting started, as long-term goals can often feel a little daunting. Try breaking things down into smaller, more manageable steps so it’s not quite so overwhelming and take a simpler step-by-step approach.

Creating checklists is a good way of helping you stay on track and maintain motivation, as you can monitor your progress as you go, and get that sense of satisfaction in ticking off your to-do list.

Make it fun

It goes without saying that if something is fun and enjoyable, you’re more likely to stick at it. The road to reaching your career goal doesn’t have to be riddled with pressure and stress – incorporating a fun element that is in line with your target is a good way of ensuring you don’t give up.

Above all, remember to keep that sense of fun in your work life and don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go to plan straight away.