How to Hygge: Easy Ideas to Bring the Danish Concept into Your Home

It seems like this strange Danish word is everywhere at the moment and it’s a craze we’re all eager to embrace. Pronounced hoo-gah, it’s a world readily associated with cosiness, comfort and well-being, a concept which encourages us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  

It’s largely defined as a mood or feeling, with contentment being at the heart of it and since the Danes are regarded as the happiest people in the world, perhaps it is something we should all be making an effort to bring into our lives. So with that in mind, here’s a few simple and easy ideas to bring the essence of hygge into your home.

Invest in candles

Hygge is all about getting that cosy and comfortable feeling, so what better way to create a warm, homely atmosphere than trading the harsh, bright lighting with flickering candlelight? Transform your living space into a welcoming haven and escape the winter chill with some simple lit candles dotted about the place. Melt Candles ‘Autumn’ range are the definitive cosy fragrance, with hints of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and orange they are a perfect companion to firelit evenings.  Alternatively, fairy lighting can add a nice ambiance and you can’t go far wrong with a wood burner to make you feel snug and relaxed.


Clearing away all of your clutter will restore your living space from a chaotic mess to a tidy and orderly place you’ll look forward to returning to after a day’s work. Use smart storage solutions to avoid things being sprawled about the place and it’ll make a more relaxed space you can enjoy spending time in. Chest storage trunks are an attractive addition to any room but are also great for hiding away a multitude of messy sins. With a tidy home comes a tidy mind.


Getting that hygge feeling isn’t just limited to creating calm and cosy interiors – it also extends to food. As one of life’s greatest sources of comfort, it’d be rude not to treat yourself and indulge in some foodie pleasures. Whether it’s spending an afternoon cooking or baking, or simply tucking into an array of assorted goodies, you’re guaranteed to feel pretty content afterwards. Personally, I don’t believe that anything can beat a Sunday roast, there’s nothing like coming home from a Sunday morning walk with the dogs to be greeted by the smell of a joint roasting in the oven. 

Ditch technology 

While technology and gadgets are such an essential part of our modern lives, it’s healthy to have a break from the world of tech, at least for a little while. Avoid bringing your phone or laptop to the dinner table and enjoy spending some quality time talking with family and friends instead. Remind yourself what life was like before instant messaging and social media – real life chatter is far more fun and entertaining. Some of my favourite nights have been spent around the dining table in the company of great friends playing a good old-fashioned game of cards, no technology required! 

Stop rushing 

Life may feel like it’s constantly full steam ahead, but it’s good to take time out and slow down to enjoy some of life’s more basic pleasures. Head off on a leisurely hike in the countryside, curl up in front of the fire with a good book, or just have a relaxed get together with friends. Our weekly routine on a Sunday is a leisurely dog walk in the morning, a roast with all the trimmings for lunch and then the afternoon is spent on the sofa watching a film, simple yet satisfying, I wouldn’t have it any other way.