Learn To Unplug

This digital age can be overwhelming and can seriously interfere with our peace and productivity. Whilst there is a great deal to celebrate about growing technology, and a great deal to utilise, we also need to ensure we take a break and unplug.

Technology has become seriously addictive. How many of us check our phones before we’ve left the bed in the morning? 90% or more of you have done this at least once this week.

I’ve pulled together some of my tips for ensuring that you get a little you time, before the flurry of emails and messages pull you in.

Get an alarm clock
Ditch using your phone at bedtime as your alarm. This is one very easy way to ensure that you don’t check your phone through the night. There are a variety of great alarm clocks to choose from, some even offering alternative methods like light to wake you, instead of sound. Find something that brings you peace in the mornings, rather than bringing you anxiety.

Keep a notebook beside your bed
Those who are more creatively minded are often met with ideas in the middle of the night. Instead of getting your laptop or phone to jot down your thoughts, leave a notepad and pencil beside your bed for these creative flushes.

Read a book
It’s not always easy to sleep on demand, especially when you had a lot on your mind. Lose yourself in a book, rather than opting for mindlessly scrolling through social media and adding to your already busy mind – we’re all guilty of it.

Go for a walk
Exercise is one of the greatest antidotes for stress and anxiety, as it really helps to clear your mind as well as contribute to improved health. Take yourself for a walk, even if for only 20 minutes.

Close your eyes and breath. A simple and effective method for improving overall wellness, of mind and body. Allow yourself the time to meditate before bed, and when you rise in the morning.