Making The Most Of Your Day

Having daily rituals sounds deeper and more complex than it actually is. In my mind, the idea of having rituals is more like forming a set of positive habits. By seeing them as concrete, achievable tasks, they become do-able and therefore, easy to stick to.

Undertaking consistent daily rituals is key to feeling focussed, calm and centred. They aren’t difficult and can be followed by almost anybody.

Here are my five ways to make the most of your day:

Be an early riser

“Early” depends upon the individual, but you will know your own regular wake up time. Choose to wake up an hour earlier. Use that time to do some quick form of exercise, have a filling breakfast and pick out clothes that will put you in the best mindset.

Leave on time

Being late is a major stressor and a little planning can make a big difference to a day or journey. Getting out of the door on time really should be non-negotiable for making a clear-headed start to the day.

Managing screen time

Left to their own devices, my email and social media could become distracting – something that I cannot allow to happen. I set periods during the day in which I check email and business-related social – and I stick to it.

Work stays at work

It can be hard, but keeping work at work is essential for enjoying family time in a way that it matters to me. I don’t want distractions taking my focus away from the most important thing in my life, so I shut down work communication as soon as I’m heading for my front door.

Get an early night

Easier said than done, but sleep is vital to good health and for making sound business decisions. So an early night is always best to ensure that next day rituals can be kept. Reading at night is best done away from a screen, as this prevents the production of melatonin (the good sleep hormone).

Keep a daily reminder to stick to these principles until they become second nature and that way you create a positive framework for your day!