How To Optimise Your Decision-Making Process

Making decisions is a necessary part of adult life and, as an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ll be making more decisions than most. The issue is, making important decisions can be exhausting and incredibly draining. As a result, the quality of your decisions can suffer and, in order to achieve a successful life, you simply can not allow this to happen.

The key is understanding that we all have a limited capacity for decision-making and, if you can optimise your process, the decisions you make will better and more impactful.

Here are some strategies to consider:

Remember, avoiding a decision is a decision itself

Decision-making can be scary. Once you act on your decision, you have to deal with the results one way or another. Sitting back and avoid making the decision altogether might seem more attractive and a lot less exhausting.

However, there aren’t many moments in history in which shying away or deciding to do something “another day” has yielded any result. When you avoid making a decision, you’re actively choosing to ignore the possibility of a positive outcome. Like it or not, that is a decision in itself and you’re probably better off expending your mental energy on a making a decision that yields actual results.

Limit small decisions

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Albert Einstein are all well-known for having a very limited wardrobe — among other incredible things, of course. By choosing to wear the same uniform of clothing every day, they eliminate one simple decision from their daily routine and maximise their capacity for decision-making for the rest of the day.

While I’m not suggesting you have to wear the same grey t-shirt and blue jeans combination every day like Zuckerberg, there is a lot to be said for establishing a routine and automating some of your less impactful decisions. You could, for example, set aside an hour at the weekend to plan your meals and lay out outfits for the coming week.

Clear your mind

While your capacity for decision-making is limited, it is possible to strengthen and expand that capacity. Exercising, practising mindfulness and meditating on a regular basis can help you to achieve mental clarity and let go of any useless thoughts, emotions and distractions which can weigh down your design-making “muscle”.

Know your values and goals

Having a well-defined life goal in the front of your mind can really ease and guide your decision-making process. Look at each of your options and evaluate how they could serve your goals and values. With any luck, the choice will become more obvious.

Next, you simply need to work up the courage to act on your decision! Check out this post on bravery here.