The Workplace Trends You Need to Know About for 2018

Change is always in the air come January time and the workplace is no exception. The roll around of a new year has long been synonymous with new starts, positive changes and fresh ideas, so here are a few trends which you could see implemented in your work life in 2018.

A growing shift towards digital

Technology has become a huge part of everyday life and with more and more digital tools emerging to help make our lives a little easier, it’s no surprise that digital is becoming a hot priority at most organisations.

As tools are now much more user-friendly, paper-based work has become less of a priority and moving forward, it is predicted that many time consuming administrative tasks will be digitised in an effort to improve speed and productivity.

Focus on the employee experience

Culture and employee engagement were big priorities for companies in 2017 and you can expect the new year to be no different.

Creating an environment that is comfortable, relaxed and feels as least like work as possible is becoming hugely important – your workspace should be somewhere your employees love to work and an effort should always be made to assure them their contributions are valued.

Comfy breakout areas, spaces to enjoy lunch away from the desk and a friendly, supportive environment are just a few things that help to make the employee experience that much more enjoyable.

Prioritising mental wellness

Mental health awareness took a huge leap forward last year and that looks set to continue into 2018, with companies putting more of a focus on improving employee work life culture.

Initiatives such as offering counselling to employees, mental wellness workshops and more relaxed workspaces are likely to become more common in an effort to improve employee morale, minimise stress and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Structures for career development

As well as creating a positive working environment, companies should be looking to prioritise staff training and development, and offer the opportunities for employees to continually progress.

In the competitive work of work, companies that really champion professional development will stand out from rival companies and by offering staff plenty of opportunities to enhance their skills and learning, it is likely to result in a more dedicated and motivated workforce.

Bridging the work-life balance gap

Flexible working looks set to be on the rise this year, in an effort to improve the balance between work and personal life. Thanks to the advancements in technology working on the go has become much easier, but it’s led to employees working more than their contracted hours.

While overtime is sometimes unavoidable, encouraging workers to switch off at the end of the day will become a bigger priority, as will the opportunity for employees to work remotely when needed.